Even the littlest are deeply impacted by sudden loss.

Miles was your typical ten-year old boy. He was a little guy, wise beyond his years. He loved soccer, riding his bike and his big dog Max.

One day Miles’ world turned upside down when his mom died unexpectedly from complications after a routine surgery. He could not comprehend why the doctors could not save her. It was “their job to help and save people.” While Miles had spent occasional time with his dad, he had lived full-time with his mom. Now he and his dad had to adjust to a new life together.

All of these changes created extreme anxiety for Miles. He began visiting with an Empath Health traumatic loss counselor who helped ease his anxiety. He spent the day at Empath Health’s grief camp. That’s where he met Valerie, a 10-year old girl who lost her mom too. Miles could tell she needed a special friend. They stuck together all day and bonded.

When Miles visited his counselor for the last time, he was extra excited. “I brought you a present because you’ve given me so many things to help me feel better,” he said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of dark chocolate. “This was my mom’s favorite candy. I wanted you to have something special to remember her.”

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