At age 104, Lovie “Aunt Love” Peterson is a special lady to celebrate. She lives in the home of her niece, Gwen Dixon, and her husband, Herb. The family has been together for more than 50 years, including when Dixon gave birth to her daughter and Peterson stepped in to help out with care. “Aunt Love quit her job so she could take care of her. I’m glad I can do something to say thanks. She’s a dream to care for. Everybody loves her. She was cooking, cleaning, tending to the yard and sewing up until recently,” Dixon shared.

When Peterson’s health worsened, the family had to make decisions about her care. During a visit to her primary care physician, her blood work indicated kidney failure. The doctor recommended Suncoast Hospice. Like some hospice patients, she “graduated” and was discharged because her condition improved. Hospice care focuses on comfort and support for patients and their families. Services may include expert medical treatment, nursing and personal care, medications, medical supplies and equipment, specialized therapies, emotional and spiritual counseling, social work and grief support, volunteer assistance and more.

Dixon was impressed with the nature and attention of the Suncoast Hospice team.

“My mom (Peterson’s sister) was in hospice. That’s when I got to know hospice as a caring and loving organization. The people who cared for Aunt Love were sincere and genuine. They were like our blood relatives. You can’t buy that kind of care,” said Dixon.

She added, “Hospice is not about trying to save you, it’s about providing care and comfort. They did that without interruption. There was nothing that we needed that we didn’t get. It’s wonderful. I owe hospice so much.”

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