What happens when a group of women come together as a force for good with a common goal of having a direct impact on the services provided by Empath Health? Well, a lot happens! Empath Health’s Women’s Giving Network is in its fourth year of supporting the mission of Empath Health and its program and services.

Here is a snapshot of the impact this group has had this year:

  • Dozens of sewing volunteers have needed the material and supplies to make blankets, throws, catheter bag covers, and many other items, to comfort and support patients, participants and clients.
  • Patients are being provided with care kits to help teach them to successfully manage their conditions.
  • Palliative arts volunteers have the needed training and tools to provide comfort and care for our patients through aromatherapy, Reiki and massage therapy.
  • Teen volunteers received t-shirts to help identify them as volunteers when performing their duties in Empath Health facilities and in the community.
  • A certified wound-treatment nurse has been trained as a Wound Treatment Associate Program Course Coordinator, and has been training other nurses, who can now provide treatment as well.
  • Pediatric hospice patients are treated to specially-individualized themed birthday parties to help them and their families celebrate birthdays they weren’t sure were going to come.
  • Families with a seriously or terminally-ill child are provided with a professional family portrait photo shoot as a memory-making experience for their family.

All of these projects were funded by the Women’s Giving Network at their annual grant-making meeting in June 2019. The network’s mid-year luncheon took place on March 31, 2020.  At this luncheon the women heard from each of the 2019 grant recipients about the impact that the funds they received have had on those served by their programs.

Suncoast Hospice Foundation is currently accepting new members for our next grant cycle in June of this year. To join or learn more about our Women’s Giving Network, please contact Karen Van De Putte at (727) 523-3422 or KarenVandePutte@EmpathHealth.org