A Different Kind Of Love Story

Robert and Margaret Love’s love story took a turn when Robert’s Alzheimer’s disease worsened, bringing them to live with their daughter Linda Miller here in Pinellas County. After moving here, a sudden illness had Robert’s doctor recommending Suncoast Hospice. His family thought this meant he would die very soon but it turned out to be extra assurances for the family giving them more quality time with Robert.

Soon a Suncoast Hospice care team – including an expert physician, nurses, certified nursing assistants, spiritual care coordinators and volunteers were helping them in so many ways.

“From day one, they’ve been like friends. It’s very easy to talk to them and they always have a suggestion to make you feel better,” shared Margaret.

Due to the generosity of those in our community, people like you, more than 167,000 people in our community have received this specialized care in more than 40 years. And the Suncoast Hospice Foundation is the only local hospice foundation where every dollar raised stays here in our community.

Linda shares, “We are very fortunate to have my mom and dad come live with us because after 40 years of being here, Suncoast Hospice is so experienced and established. They have the quality of people we wanted to invite into our home. They are educated enough to hold our hands, walk us through the experience and educate us on what we’re going through. Hospice is there for you. Don’t go it alone. Don’t second-guess yourself.”

Please consider a gift today in support of Suncoast Hospice and the members of Empath Health’s life-changing care. Thank you for caring.