Building Our Future Care

We are honored to be part of a compassionate community that supports our mission at Empath Health. Every gift to our Suncoast Hospice Foundation helps us provide more life-changing care, comfort and support needed for people and families touched by illness, loss and grief.

Empowered to Give
The Empath Health Women’s Giving Network was started in 2016 with 12 founding members joining together in philanthropy to bring extra care and support to the community. The group’s mission is to create or expand innovative programs and services of Empath Health.

Members meet annually to evaluate and select grants for specialized areas of need that fall outside of our reimbursed care and otherwise may not be funded. Grant funding is drawn from the group’s pooled membership funds and distributed through Suncoast Hospice Foundation. Founding members met this year and felt inspired to make an even greater impact, contributing additional funding beyond the available grant awards.


  • Commit to a minimum $1,000 contribution each year of a two-year term
  • Fund and award grants for programs and services with no reimbursed sources
  • Be an ambassador for Empath Health
  • Goal for 2018 is 25 members
  • Ultimate goal is 50 members

The Empath Health Women’s Giving Network and other caring supporters in the community are vital to ensuring our care and services continue today and in the future. Thank you for making the journeys brighter for those we serve.

Empath Health Projects Funded in 2017

  • Medical technology for Suncoast Hospice Care Center patients
  • Grief support services for women who have experienced miscarriages or deaths of babies before
    or after birth
  • Grief support camps for African-American children and families who have experienced unexpected deaths of
    family members or friends
  • Shopping carts for Suncoast Hospice Resale Shops
  • Aromatherapy services for Suncoast Hospice patients and Suncoast PACE seniors

Join Now

For more information or to become a member of the Empath Health Women’s Giving Network,
contact Carla Mattern at (727) 523-3414 or

Founding Members

  • Debbie Amrhein
  • Jamie Broome
  • Arlene Cohen
  • Gerry Goldhammer
  • Joan McCreary
  • Pattie Meek
  • Sandy Miller
  • Deborah Nicklaus
  • Katie Pemble
  • Fran Rinna
  • Susan Rooth
  • Kathy Wilder