We all know we need to plan ahead, just like we know we need to go to the dentist or we need to eventually replace our roof. But we procrastinate because it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to think about the end of life when we are busy living life.

But you still need to make a plan. And the key is, you need to make that plan while you are capable of thinking about and talking about that plan.

So where do you start? Start by thinking about this scenario: If something unexpectedly happens to me tomorrow, what would happen to me, to my family and to my stuff? What will be my legacy? These are heavy, but important topics to consider.

Next, call somebody to begin planning. An estate planning attorney, your financial advisor, the charity you want to support and your certified public accountant (CPA) are all professionals who can guide you through the next steps and help find the people who can help you put all the pieces of your plan in place.

Suncoast Hospice Foundation can help you take your first step. Call Karen Van De Putte, director of planned giving, at (727) 523-3422 or email KarenVanDeputte@EmpathHealth.org to request our booklet, Planning Your Legacy. This is a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ guide for creating your plan. She can also send you a list of local estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, trust officers and CPAs who can assist you with your planning.