Robert and Jill remember the exact moment they realized the specialness of Suncoast Hospice. Jill’s mother, Grace, was losing her battle with cancer. Jill was feeling overwhelmed with stress, sadness and helplessness.

“My mother was in so much pain, and she was scared and depressed most of the time. She hurt so badly. We don’t have a medical background and we didn’t know what to do for her,” Jill shared.

Jill called Suncoast Hospice and a nurse came out to visit Grace. Within hours, Grace had an entire team of loving, caring professionals to help her. Jill and Robert saw a change come over Grace as her pain was alleviated and her symptoms managed. They knew that they had found the way to help Grace cope with this devastating illness.

Robert and Jill wanted to support this wonderful charity and care. They learned about Suncoast Hospice Foundation’s Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) program, and felt it was a perfect way to make a gift that would benefit Suncoast Hospice and themselves financially.

With a CGA, you can:

  • Receive an immediate charitable tax deduction and potential savings in capital gains
  • Collect a fixed income from your gift for your lifetime, and/or that of your spouse
  • Choose when your income begins – at 65 or later (the older you are when your income stream starts, the better your rate)
  • Fund your gift with a minimum of $25,000 in cash or securities
  • Support the long-term mission of Empath Health, including Suncoast Hospice

They funded a CGA with a CD that was earning barely one percent. Their CGA paid seven percent, and they will receive those payments for their lifetimes. Much of those payments will be income tax-free. At the end of both of their lives, any remainder will be their gift to Suncoast Hospice Foundation.

Robert and Jill felt so good about their planned gift, saying, “We were able to create a new income stream for ourselves, save income tax and help Suncoast Hospice to provide comfort and care to others in the community who are suffering. It’s win-win!”

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