Suncoast Hospice Fulfills Mother’s Wedding Wish

Stacey and Chad considered themselves partners for life.

They had been together for more than 20 years. They had a beautiful baby boy, James.

There was one thing missing, at least according to Stacey’s mom, Carol. A wedding.

In 2022, after Stacey lost her father to a heart attack, Carol’s health deteriorated following multiple strokes.

Carol was admitted to Suncoast Hospice’s South Pinellas Care Center in Bayfront Health. Sensing time was short, Stacey made her mom a promise.

“I said, ‘If you just hold on three more days, the state of Florida will allow Chad and I to get married. I know that means a lot to you,’” Stacey said. “The next thing we knew, it was all hands on deck.”

The Suncoast Hospice care team jumped into action, coming together with Stacey’s friends to make the arrangements for their special day.

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Carol was awake for the ceremony – she told Stacey the vows were too long – and enjoyed a sip of champagne and a bite of cake.

After the ceremony, friends treated Stacey and Chad to dinner. When they returned to Carol’s bedside, Suncoast Hospice staff let them know Carol was beginning to transition.

Stacey climbed into bed with her mom. Then Carol stroked Stacey’s hair and assured her “Everything will be OK” three times before slipping away.

As Stacey and Chad left the hospital, the sun began to rise.

Stacey asked for a sign that her mom was OK. She saw a double rainbow.

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